Seeing is believing

Hundreds of moms and dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles and even teachers have already discovered the screen free secrets to keeping their kids entertained and engaged. See why My Big Day and Magnetic Letters and Numbers have become such a hit all the way from Sydney to Seattle!

Perfect for traveling!

"The zippered book holds loose pieces plus excellent use of Velcro makes this book wonderful for travel. This is by far the best quiet book I've ever seen. Very well made. I highly recommend it!”  

Don't buy any more toys to trip over!

"The book arrived and I tossed it on the couch while the boys (3 & 1/2 and 2) were napping. Church is actually painful with the 2 year old. I was in the kitchen after naps and suddenly J, (our 2 year old) comes running to me with the socks, and he's so excited! I realize they found the book and I sit down with the baby and within seconds, his brother joins me and they were ENTHRALLED. For a solid 30 minutes neither of them moved!"

 Perfect Choice!

"Actually bought these to accompany a magnetic board for my brother-in-law, who suffered a massive stroke and is now in a wheelchair & cannot speak. He also has difficulty with dexterity, but is able to pick up and place these letters on his board, so able to communicate that way (he tries to write, but his handwriting is not legible). Not the usual usage of this product, but I was really happy to find these...large, foamy, plentiful and great price; perfect for what I was looking for. Thank you!!"

 Our Grandson Loves them!

"These letters and numbers are fantastic. Out of everything that we gave to our grandson for Christmas, these became his favorite thing he received for a gift. He kept wanting to play with these on the refrigerator over his other toys. The letters and numbers are very well made. They are brightly colored and a great size for little hands to handle. I highly recommend these over every other kind!"