30 Day Warranty

Even though we carry out thorough quality control procedures, in rare instances a defective product may slip through the net.
Sign up for our 30 Day Extended Product Defect Warranty for extra peace of mind.

To sign up just email us your full name and date of purchase to hello@curiouscolumbuskids.com 

Polite Notice: 
This warranty covers genuine products sold by Curious Columbus brand's authorised distributor, "Little Red Shepherd" only. Genuine Curious Columbus products can only be purchased at the CuriousColumbusKids.com website, or at Amazon.com by choosing Little Red Shepherd as the seller. Curious Columbus and Little Red Shepherd can accept no responsibility for any products sold by any other seller. By signing up for the extended warranty, you consent for Curious Columbus to very occasionally contact you by email with updates and promotions. We promise we will never send you too many emails, and would certainly never ever share your details with anyone else. If you do not wish to receive these updates, please add the words “NO UPDATE EMAILS PLEASE” to your warranty sign up email.